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15-Stage Shower Filter System-JTH-2019

This top quality and high output 15 stage shower filter removes chlorine, dirt, bad odors, reduces heavy metals and organic chemical pollutants, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and buildup of lime-scale. It infuses water with Vitamin C and various beneficial elements. It helps improve the condition of your skin, hair and nail. This shower filter works with all shower types and is super easy to install. The filter uses an unique carbon block as the filter housing and minimizes the use of plastic part. It a most environmental friendly shower filter in the market.

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Compatible with Culligan® WHR-140 Water Filter

1. To compare with the original brand product, our water filter consists of 2 more layers of high precision sintering filter, which could traps sediments from water

2. Filled with NSF42 certified KDF in the filter, which could effectively reduce floating contaminant, Chlorine, Heavy metal, Sulfur, Prevent Scale, prohibiting the growth of bacterial

3. Protect skin and hair, improve skin and hair's conditions

4. Easy to install and operate

5. Fits all Culligan® shower filtration systems

Note: Culligan® is a registered trademark of Culligan International Company. Zhongshan Jietai Purification Tech Co., Ltd. And its products are not affiliated with or approved by the above medntioned companies and brands.

Any use of the above mentioned brand names is for the purpose of demonstrating compatibility only.

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Face Washing Basein Filter

1. Excellent filtration performance

Blocks out harmful impurities from public water, keeping your skin away from contaminants so it is healthy and smooth.

2. Soft and strong water pressure

Stable water flow without obvious pressure drop to let you enjoy strong water flow.

3. Easy installation

This filter is super easy to install. Installing the filter and replacing the filter cartridge are DIY, no special tools required.

4. Water Saver

Save water without sacrificing output pressure even at weak or low flow water pressure conditions.

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